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Democracy Under Seige

Short podcast on threat financing

A warm hello to all the new (and old!) Insight Intelligence subscribers. As many of you might have noticed on social media, we’ve officially passed the one-year anniversary of this newsletter. I’d like to thank you all for your support over the last year. The experience of writing this newsletter has greatly exceeded my expectations — both in terms of my own enjoyment, and your interest! So thank you for that.

We’ve been busy here over the last month or so; we’ve published a few new analyses, some news roundups, and most importantly, we’ve welcomed a new author! Lena M. works with me on a variety of projects, and is working on writing up more group profiles for you folks.

New Analysis

A financial analysis of the Buffalo attack

A case study in using Bitcoin to finance terrorism

The women in terrorism news roundup

Mass murder in Nova Scotia: conspiracy theories and financial intelligence

Convoy finance: assessing effectiveness and learning lessons

From the archives

Here’s a selection of articles that you might find interesting:

TTP financing

NFTs and Illicit financing: Smoke versus fire

Turkey: A Hub of Illicit Financing

A bit of commentary

Financial Crime Matters: Understanding the “Freedom Convoy” and the Funding of Extremist Groups

The Loopcast: Financing Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century

Long reads

I recently finished a big research project for the SOC-ACE research programme on illicit financing and Afghanistan, focused on identifying threat-agnostic policy options. You can read the full report here and a shorter briefing note here.

That’s all for now…and I leave you with a brief recording of my commentary for an online event held last week. Hope you find it interesting!


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