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May 9, 2022Liked by Jessica Davis

A co-author of McLeans story you reference is Joe Palango, also the author of a new book on the Nova Scotia events. I have not read the book, but part of its premise goes as follows: "Nova Scotia mass shooting inquiry more about covering up than finding answers, says author Palango" (From Saltwire, Feb. 22/2022) Coverup is in the title of his book. "22 Murders

Investigating the Massacres, Cover-up and Obstacles to Justice in Nova Scotia." Palango, on the basis of zero facts, denounces the public inquiry as a sham, even before it has completed its hearings, let alone reached and published its findings. Palango's book is opportunstic and cynical, and premature--he does not know all the facts. The Mass Casualty commissioners have been given broad powers and from their resumes seem hardly the kind of professionals who would agree to participate in such an exercise if it was a sham. What's more, the Commission is supported by a team of 20-30 professionals expert in the various disciplines needed for such an enterprise. Have all these people been brought into the coverup conspiracy too? Ms. Davis, your article is timely and insightful.

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