Insight Intelligence is the newsletter you need to understand international security. I cover a wide range of global security issues with a special focus on terrorist and illicit financing, gender, and intelligence and espionage. It’s a combination you won’t find anywhere else!

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The audience for Insight Intelligence can be broken down into a few different categories, and I hope you see yourself in one (or more!):

Compliance professionals: If you work in a bank, fintech, money service business or other type of financial service, you’ll benefit from up to date knowledge on illicit financing trends and summaries of adverse media reporting on potential or existing clients. You’ll be the most well-informed in your company on terrorism and illicit financing trends and methods!

Law enforcement and security service professionals: If you’re working to detect and disrupt terrorism and illicit financing activities and other security threats, you’ll benefit from this newsletter because its unique combination of information and analysis will help you understand financial intelligence, potential indicators of mobilization, and international security trends and issues. You’ll have a truly international perspective on global security issues that will set you apart from your peers.

Researchers / academics: Subscribing to Insight Intelligence will give you a repository of information unavailable anywhere else. My dedicated news roundups of women in terrorism and terrorist financing curates the most important news in these niche areas. A subscription also gives you access to my analysis based on proprietary datasets — something that can guide and inform your own research.

Social media companies: Want to know how illicit actors are exploiting your platforms for financing purposes? This newsletter is for you. Increasingly, illicit actors of all kinds are soliciting funds on social media, sharing crypto addresses, and much more. Stay ahead of the curve and help your company prepare for a new wave of regulation / enforcement.

National / international policy professionals: Do you set national anti-money laundering / counter-terrorist financing policies? Do you work on international norms relating to illicit financing, or perhaps terrorism issues? This newsletter provides you with the information you need to make evidence-based policies on a host of illicit financing, gender, terrorism, and security issues.

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This newsletter is built on a unique combination of news analysis and data. I have my own datasets that I draw from to understand global security trends and issues. These datasets were the basis of my first two books, Women in Modern Terrorism and Illicit Money: Financing Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century. But academic publishing is too slow for the pace of change today - so instead, I write short analyses on issues that matter today.

A paid subscription gives you full access to all the back issues of the newsletter in a searchable format. This includes regular news updates, as well as trends analysis based on my unique datasets of terrorism incidents, financing methods and mechanisms, and more.

A free subscription allows you to stay up to date on the topics I’m writing about, and gives you temporary access to the news roundups.

If your work unit is interested in more than one subscription, contact me — I have corporate packages available so everyone on your team can access the information they need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Jessica Davis 

Jessica Davis is President of Insight Threat Intelligence and is the author of Women in Modern Terrorism: From Liberations Wars to Global Terrorism and the Islamic State (2017), and Illicit Money: Financing Terrorism in the 21st Century (2021).

Elena Martynova

Research Analyst